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Top 4 reasons G DISAIN is the right choice:

01 expect fresh, smart, unique design

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03 your source + resource for all creative projects

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Whether you are a new business and looking to establish your presence or an established player in search of a refreshed look - no project is too small or too big to handle.


gerda kauks

owner + creative director

One of my greatest sources of pride and drive is the fact that no two projects are the same. In my portfolio of 300+ websites and graphic design projects nationwide, each has its own unique charm and story. Each is a reflection of its character and the people who bring it to life.


rachae pisano

digital marketing manager

My passion for storytelling has been a driving factor for my pursual of a career in marketing where I have the creative freedom to bring stories to life. Through social media, writing, and design, I strive to tell a unique story that captivates and builds an audience.


megan flynn

creative copywriter

From publishing and editing a magazine about food and drink, to copywriting at Nike, to running a successful real estate business, my interest and passions run the gamut. The connective tissue is my ability to effectively and creatively convey meaning and storytelling through words. I love that each project is fresh and unique, and I can’t wait to help craft your story.


kate andrews

digital marketing strategist

Work in social media, copywriting and design gives me the opportunity to showcase my love of clean, innovative composition, and original storytelling. Creative expression through visual and written media has been at the backbone of my career through nonprofit work, retail and digital marketing.


lori randall

PR, strategic marketing communication & promotion

I’ve been fortunate to combine my passion and expertise in the hospitality and lifestyle industries with my interests in real estate development, automotive and travel. Every project we work on really comes down to the people, the product and the belief that both are rooted in a great story with a clear objective.


stephanie heymann


My goal is to bring out the best in everyone I photograph. To make you smile...a real smile. To make you laugh...a real laugh. To make new friends, to explore new techniques and to have fun while doing it. I love the sound of the click of the camera, the weight of the gear in my hand and the smiles my clients faces in every frame. 






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